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Over the next few months we hope to work with the city, county, and state to achieve these goals to serve our small business community; deferring financial burden, creating a relief fund, creating SBA resources, evaluating the impact, creating a central online resource and cultivating positive communication between members, the city leadership, the chamber leadership and local organizations. 

Defferring Financial Burden

We are asking for deferred business and occupation tax filing and payments. We need the waiving of fines, fees, interest and penalties on sales tax payments.

Local Relief Fund

We created a local relief fund to help fill the gaps. Our goal is to provide grants and zero-interest loans to impacted businesses. 

Provide SBA Resources

We are working with local banks to provide small businesses critical information and resources regarding their SBA Loans.

Evaluating the impact

We have been communicating and surveying members to understand the affects of COVID on their business. “What is the risk of you going out of business?” “What areas of your business are you most concerned about?” “How many employees do you estimate you will have to lay off?” 

Creating a central, online repository 

A simple, user-friendly website to connect you to all COVID small business resources. 


We are working with you to support you through this crisis and the recovery. We will continue to share emerging practices, support peer learning, and advocate for the needs of small businesses.


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Donate to our small business relief fund.