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Park Avenue District  Executive Director Position Summary: 

The Park Avenue District, a Florida Main Street District, is seeking a vibrant, creative,  and organized individual to serve as full-time Executive Director of The Park Avenue. This candidate will be the central figure in assisting with the development, success and revitalization efforts in The Park Avenue Main Street District. They will manage all aspects of the operations of the program. This includes community  outreach, event planning, marketing, fundraising, membership development and day  to day .

The Executive Director will carry out the Board of Directors strategic goals for the  program and will coordinate with the Florida Main Street and Main Street USA organizations. The Executive Director will report to The Park Avenue District Board of  Directors. This is a full-time position. Salary range is $45,000 – $55,000. 


Duties & Responsibilities: 


●      Coordinate, develop and maintain business relationships with all members  and businesses within the district.  Maintain relationships and communications with Winter Park City  Commissioners and CRA.

●      Attend all Park Avenue District meetings, including committee meetings, board meetings, and other scheduled events and/or programs. 

●      Raise funds for Park Avenue District events and programs.

●      Coordinate committee activities with committee chairs. 

●      Promote program involvement and membership to merchants, residents,  property owners, and other stakeholders/interested parties within The Park  Avenue District. 

●       Make suggestions to the Board of Directors based on feedback from program  constituents on program content and benefits.

●      Maintain and track memberships, sponsorships, donations, all receivables  and      budgeted/approved expenditures. 

●      Prepare monthly program reports. 

●      Coordinate all programs and activities within The Park Avenue District. • Oversee daily operations and administration, and provide needed hands-on  involvement. 

●      Coordinate projects, promotional activities, and collect local market  information. 

●      Be a full-time advocate for The Park Avenue District. May not represent one member of the Park Avenue District professionally. IE Marketing Agency, etc.

●      Work cooperatively with the local community to develop and implement  action plans and timetables which will include public and private activities and  events.

●      Implement local objectives through the development of revitalization tools,  such as rehabilitation programs; existing state and federal funding sources  and grant opportunities, administrative procedures; political mechanisms and  legal processes, as appropriate. 

●      Develop, monitor, and assess economic strategies to attract new users into  existing facilities and expand current market opportunities. 

●      Develop and maintain contacts with media sources to disseminate project  information within the local community. 

●       Coordinate all social media marketing/accounts. 

●      Develop and direct a strong volunteer base. 

●      Oversee and manage volunteers and interns as applicable. 



●      Bachelor’s degree, or; relevant entrepreneurial and management  experience. 

●      Minimum of 1 year related experience in economic development, downtown  development, organizational development, nonprofit management, or small  business management. 

●      Should possess confidence, professionalism, strong people skills and be able to  work with a diverse group of business owners and residents. 

●       Should have strong organizational skills, efficiency, initiative, resourcefulness,  and an ability to work in a rapidly changing urban environment. 

●      Should be able to work independently and be accountable. 

●      Should be able to set and achieve short and long term goals. 

●      Ability to communicate clearly and efficiently both written and verbally. • Proficient in Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Google and  Google Drive, QuickBooks. Experience in WordPress is preferred. 




●      Ability to oversee or manage websites and social media content such as  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Yelp, and Blogs. 

●      Experience with event planning and organizational/membership/community  meetings. 

●      Experience with fundraising, including corporate membership campaigns,  sponsor solicitations, institutional supporters, and individual donors. • Proficient in conflict resolution and problem solving. 

●      Outstanding customer service and problem-solving skills. 

●      Ability to multitask.

Desired Attributes: 

●      Ability to maintain a positive and creative work environment. • Possess a philanthropic and entrepreneurial spirit. • Display a strong ability to lead, motivate and delegate. • Excel in developing customer loyalty.  Flexibility with hours. 

Please submit cover letter and resume to: 

Sarah Grafton, Board Chair Park Avenue District  


Resume deadline is January 30, 2023 Hiring Date February 14, 2023 

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